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THE REAL MARILYN MONROE: Debunking the myths and revealing intimate new details of her life and death

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THE REAL MARILYN MONROE: Debunking the myths and revealing intimate new details of her life and death

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This unique, (7x10), 760-page book is not only an engrossing and intimate BIOGRAPHY of Marilyn Monroe, (with many colorful and fascinating NEW details of her life), it also explores the mysteries surrounding her death, with NEW information never previously revealedJust one day before Marilyn died, Dorothy Kilgallen brazenly printed enough clues in her nationally syndicated newspaper column to link the actress to Robert Kennedy. This came on the heels of another article by Earl Wilson implying a romance between MM and RFK.

Irrefutable evidence (including from law enforcement officials and a former L.A. mayor) confirms that Bobby Kennedy visited Monroe unexpectedly hours before her death.

This book is unlike any other you have read on Marilyn Monroe. Scrupulously researched and superbly well written by longtime, award-winning investigative print and broadcast journalist Larry Jordan, whose work has been widely praised and quoted by big media and respected authors worldwide, THE REAL MARILYN MONROE rewrites the history of the iconic actress. Example: Despite the official LA coroner’s “Suicide Investigation team” concluding that Marilyn “was not an addict…had no physical dependency on drugs, her intake could be considered light to medium and she was certainly not mentally unbalanced,” the storyline that has been perpetuated to this day by unscrupulous myth makers and copycat authors is that Marilyn was mentally ill and completely dysfunctional due to her abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol. Granted, she had her troubles, but the negative caricature of her was a gross exaggeration.

This was a savvy woman who surmounted many obstacles to become “the movies' Mona Lisa.” In stunning photographs and taped interviews near the end of her life she proved she was still luminescent, articulate and intelligent beyond expectation. In a similar vein, author Jordan systematically destroys a mountain of lies about Monroe that have unfairly slandered her legacy. Tapping recently declassified government documents, personal files, unpublished written recollections by some of MM’s intimate friends, first-hand interviews, and previously unavailable sources, Jordan paints a much different picture of Marilyn. He convincingly proves that so many things people thought were true about MM’s life and death were gross fabrications and part of a disinformation campaign designed to discredit her and hide what really happened to her. He probes the backgrounds of those with whom Monroe came in contact and reveals shocking new info about them. 

Jordan provides a gripping, detailed NEW account of how events unfolded around the time of Monroe’s demise, with important revelations and political context no other author has offered. He also asks incisive and thought-provoking questions that should arouse any seeker of truth. THE REAL MARILYN MONROE may well be the most important new book on Marilyn you've ever read!

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