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The Green New Deal: Why We Need It and Can't Live Without It...And No, It's Not Socialism!

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The Green New Deal: Why We Need It and Can't Live Without It...And No, It's Not Socialism!

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300 pages. This is not a dry, academic book about the environment. Instead, Larry Jordan offers a timely, well-researched and balanced look at the imperatives of a Green New Deal: what it is, and why we can’t live without it. He exposes the rightwing’s long history of waging sinister disinformation campaigns to protect corporate profits by attacking as “socialist” anything that actually helps people.

The book reveals overlooked details in the Mueller report about how persons tied to Russian intelligence have influenced Donald Trump’s environmental policies.

Jordan sets the context for the current debate by exploring the rich, colorful history of our continent since the arrival of Columbus, all the way up to present day, and recounting what some of our Presidents have done on a bipartisan basis to preserve our nation’s diverse ecosystem. (Would you believe Richard Nixon ranks as one of our best environmental Presidents and George W. Bush one of the worst?)

There are compelling chapters on our vanishing wilderness, saving the forest for the trees and oceans in peril. The latest climate science is presented in convincing and crystal clear fashion. There is groundbreaking reporting on disasters like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, and how the government and big media covered up the true impact on us. The book explains why Trump’s border wall would inflict even greater harm than you might imagine. The plight of Central American refugees is tied to climate change that’s causing crop failures and a shortage of food in their home countries. There are sensible solutions. Over 400,000 Americans died in WWII, but the World Health organization estimates the number of people killed worldwide from global warming—extreme weather, drought and disease—is at least 150,000 people per year. So isn’t this an international emergency too? With a combination of hard-hitting reporting and poetic prose, the author distills the essence of the current debate over a Green New Deal. The book includes scores of photos.

Former President Bill Clinton has said of Jordan’s writing it is “very impressive…I’m glad I had an opportunity to read it…I agree with much of it, as you may guess.” This is an important, substantive look at how Americans can have a brighter future if we adopt healthier, more affordable and efficient green energy alternatives that will also boost wages and combat extreme income disparity.

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