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Dissidents of the International Left (304 pgs)

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Dissidents of the International Left (304 pgs)

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"Heintz by the diversity of his coverage and with great effort most admirably brings these global fissures to the surface without taking sides in a sectarian and provincial way. The book is impressive both in terms of the range of questions and the diversity of answers. As an interviewer Heintz has the ability to pose sharp but nuanced questions in a positively warm and friendly manner."— The New Arab

The author interviews well-known and famous intellectuals from the Western world such as Noam Chomsky, Ed Vulliamy, Michael Walzer, Alex de Waal, North Korean specialist Jieun Baek, Michael Kazin, Jeffrey Sachs, Meredith Tax, Bill Weinberg, Peter Beinart, Gideon Levy, Anthony Appiah, Juan Cole and Stephen Zunes. He also interviews many prominent intellectuals and dissidents from the non-Western world including Pervez Hoodbhoy, Nadezhda Azhigikihna of the Russian Union of Journalists, Algerian native Marieme Helie Lucas, Patel, Mahmoud Mamdani, Robin Yassin-Kassab, Fawwaz Traboulsi, Mouin Rabbani, Sonja Licht, Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, Malalai Joya, Diep Saeeda, Houzan Mahmoud, Teesta Setalvad, her husband Javed Anand, Sokeel Park of Liberty in South Korea, atheist intellectual Leo Igwe of Nigeria and many others.

These intellectuals and journalists offer many opinions that deserve a much broader readership in the Western world.

Author Andy Heintz is a freelance writer based in the American Midwest. His work has been published in progressive media outlets in the United States, Europe, India and the Middle East, including Foreign Policy in Focus, the New Internationalist, Muftah, The Wire, Common Dreams, Secularism is a Women's Issue, Balkan Witness, Culture Project, Europe-Solidaire, and CounterVortex. Heintz specializes in writing about foreign policy issues, social movements, universal rights and international solidarity. He has written opinion columns that have appeared in a number of Midwestern newspapers and magazines. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism/mass communication from Kansas State University, in Manhattan, KS, USA and a master's degree from Ottawa University, Ottawa, KS, USA.

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